Student of the Month

The Cairo-Durham Teacher Association each month in the High School nominates and votes for candidates for a Student of the Month Award. Teachers nominate and vote for a student who shows that they are dedicated to their studies, show good academic effort, demonstrate appropriate school behavior and participate in school and community activities for community service.

CD High School Student of the Month - April 2017

As part of our continuing effort to "Expect Excellence," the High School members of the Cairo Durham Teacher's Association (CDTA) nominate and vote for candidates for a Student of the Month Award. Teachers nominate and vote for the student whom they believe demonstrates dedication to their studies, good academic effort, appropriate school behavior and participation in school and community activities. A single winner each month receives a certificate of achievement and a $10 gift card, donated by the CDTA. This month, Mrs. Allison Manoli, a High School Science Teacher, presented Noah Warner with the certificate for April's Student of the Month award.

Noah is a sophomore working toward getting his credits for an advanced Regents diploma. He has many interests and hobbies that include racing, gardening, and watching sports. Noah is on the High Honor Roll and has received various awards that acknowledge his outstanding effort and exemplary performance in various classes. While staying focused on his course work, Noah has been able to balance his workload and stay involved in school clubs and activities. He is the scorekeeper for the baseball and basketball teams and is a member of the soccer and bowling teams. Allison Manoli, Noah’s Engineering teacher, commented that "Noah is a great kid that is hard working." 

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