Two Participate in Congress of Future Medical Leaders

Students receive certificate from superintendent and Board of Education

Saylor Lewtschenko and Erinn Valentin, two juniors at Cairo-Durham High School, were recently recognized at a Board of Education meeting for their participation in the Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Boston, MA. Saylor and Erinn attended the invitation-only seminar in June with about 1,500 other high school students.

Participants in the Congress of Future Medical Leaders listened to presentations from science and medical professionals during the two-day seminar. Speakers shared their experiences and research about topics such as genetics, cardiology, plastic surgery, nutrition and sports medicine. The speakers included doctors, patients, students and experts, as well as four winners of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

“The best part was hearing about new research and technologies that allow doctors to detect some cancers earlier,” said Saylor. “Early detection might mean the cancer can be treated more effectively and hopefully put into remission.”

Both students agreed that they enjoyed meeting other high school students who share the same aspirations and interested in science.

“It was a great experience,” said Erinn. “The whole experience gave me more insight on what I want to do in the future.”