Board of Education Policies for the district are listed below. Not all policies are available for publishing at this time. For further information, please contact the district office.

Number Title Description
1900 Parental Involvement The Cairo-Durham Central School District Board of Education establishes that all administrative and instructional staff of the Cairo-Durham Central Schools shall promote and encourage the direct,...
2000 School Facilities Use Stipulates the rules and regulations governing the use of specific district facilities. Please visit the Documents page (see Site Menu) to access the Request for Use of School Facilities Application.
4526 Computer Network System for Education Policy Stipulates rules for accessing computer network and internet
4526 Acceptable Use Policy This is the policy adopted by the Board of Education for use of computer and network systems.
4526-F.5-1 Internet Safety Policy Stipulates rules for the use of technology protection measures.
4700 Weighted Grading How the district weights grades when calculating class rank, including Valedictorian & Salutatorian, Honor Graduate Designation, and Scholarship Eligibility and Determination.
5020.1 Dignity for All Students Act How the Board handles discrimination and harassment of all forms, including bullying, taunting, cyberbullying or intimidation.
5152 Education of Homeless Children If your family is experiencing a disruption in housing, the Cairo-Durham Central School District can help. Review this policy and/or call Mrs. Linda Wistar at 518-622-0261 for further information.
5405 Wellness Cairo-Durham Central School District's Wellness Policies on Physical Activity and Nutrition.
5663 Food Service Management How the Board will manage the school cafeterias.
5664 Meal Charge How the district handles students meals in the cafeterias when the student's account has reached a negative balance.
7110 Attendance Policy Includes expectations for student attendance (K-12), accounting for absences, excused/unexcused absences, tardiness, and interventions to address attendance concerns.