Parental Involvement

The Cairo-Durham Central School District Board of Education establishes that all administrative and instructional staff of the Cairo-Durham Central Schools shall promote and encourage the direct, active, and continuing involvement of District parents in educational activities and programs in which those parents' children are participants. The term "involvement" as used herein shall entail, although it shall not be construed as limited to: providing parents with useful information about ways that they can assist their children in educationally productive activities, particulaily those that are related to classroom instruction; regular consultation with parent organizations; encouragement of parents to visit programs and activiiies operated at or under the auspices of the School; and the periodic provision io all interested parents of information about the organization, operation, and instructional and extra-curricular programs of the Cairo-Durham Central School District. ln addition, the District shall comply with all parental involvement requirements established by federal statute or regulation, and which are a condition for the District's receiving federal funding which the District has applied for under a specific program imposing said requirements.
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