Capital Project Update: Tentative Timeline and Updated Drafts

October 3, 2019

Since joining Cairo-Durham CSD over the summer, Superintendent Wetherbee has been reviewing capital project materials and making sure the project is on track. Meetings with Board committees, administrators, faculty, architects (Mosaic Associates) and the construction management firm (FPMS) are ongoing in preparation of submitting applications to the State Education Department later this year/early next year.

Tentative Timeline & Details

Phase I of the project is set to begin in early 2020. Work related to the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) approved by district voters in May 2018 will be part of this phase, however it is funded separately from the capital project. Based on guidance from the construction management firm, it is more time and cost effective to roll EPC work into the beginning phase of the capital project so that lighting work, etc. does not need to be undone during Phase II construction. EPC work will include replacing/upgrading interior lighting, boilers, insulation and HVAC systems and controls to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility costs in all our district buildings. All EPC work will take place outside of school hours.

Phase II of the project will primarily consist of construction at Cairo-Durham Middle/High School and is expected to begin in Spring 2021 (pending SED review and approval). District leaders are working closely with FPMS to carefully plan construction phases to minimize disruption to the school year. Although some construction may occur during the school year, the District currently does not anticipate having to relocate any grades during Phase II.

Phase II also includes air conditioning in the elementary school as well as improvements to some athletics facilities, such as resurfacing the track and improving grading and drainage of the soccer/football field. It is possible this work could impact regular sports seasons. As we have a better idea of any potential impact, that will be communicated.

As part of the asphalt replacement at CDMS/HS, the District is considering a new traffic pattern design to improve flow and traffic safety (e.g., more separation between bus lanes and general traffic areas). Additional parking at CDE is also part of Phase II work.

Based on this tentative timeline (PDF), Phase II construction should be completed by the end of 2022 calendar year.

Updated Floor Plan

Adjustments to the proposed floor plan were needed due to the location of the district network core in the middle/high school. This is like the nervous system of our network through which data is transmitted, supporting daily functions such as phones, copiers, the PA system and internet. It was realized that relocating the core of the network to make way for a four-room Science suite would be more expensive and disruptive to daily functions than expected. Therefore, it was decided that the two newer classrooms updated in 2008 would remain as is and the outdated classrooms in the center of the building would be renovated in the existing locations. While this plan deviates from the original vision of a central Science suite, it is more cost effective and still provides all high school Science classes with modern facilities (a primary goal of the capital project).

The locations of other areas were also reshuffled, however the overall concept remains the same. Many student services offices will be centrally located near the front of the building as originally planned (e.g., Guidance, Nurse, Registration), though the precise locations were switched within the same footprint.

Click here to view the most current draft rendering from Mosaic Associates (or download as a PDF). 

Next Steps

To finalize designs for submission to SED, District leaders are in the process of meeting individually with various areas (e.g., Science, Media Center) to discuss specific design features such as flooring, furniture, finishings, etc.

As noted above, the District is preparing to submit applications to SED by early next year. The SED review and approval process is likely to take several months. Following this process, the District will accept bids for the project and is expecting to “break ground” in the spring of 2021.

Check our website for updates throughout this process.